Our 2014-15 Curriculum Choices

After months/years of research and anticipation, the school year is almost here! We’ve finalized our decisions (for now), purchased our curriculum and are in the process of doing the finishing touches on “the green room”, otherwise known as our school room. We’re an eclectic homeschooling family focusing more on play/self-directed learning at this age than actual curriculum, but we do have a few basics picked out to do, as well. All things are highly subject to change, especially since this is our first year. For now, this is our plan!


J: Pre-K/Kindergarten

J will only be 5 in November, but he’s way past pre-k level work. So, although this is technically is pre-k year, he’ll be mainly on a Kindergarten level. All of this is designed to only take about 30 minutes to an hour each afternoon, Monday through Thursday. We’ll be operating on a 3 weeks on/1 week off schedule and maintaining high levels of flexibility. He’s too young to expect anything else!

1. All about Reading: Level 1- One of J’s goals for the year is to start reading, so we’re hopeful that the kinesthetic and visual aspects of AAR can help him cross the bridge he’s been stuck at.

2. Math-U-See: Primer– This is the curriculum J is most excited about, as he LOVES math and the manipulatives are extremely enticing to him (as well as G). He’s actually already completed the first lesson since he begged to do it, and it seems like it should go over pretty well.

3. Nancy Larson Science K– Finding a secular science curriculum wasn’t easy, but we’re excited to try this one out! It’s straightforward and open and go, which is really appealing to me! I like how it came with everything needed, so I feel like we can do this whenever he wants to. Science is also one of J’s most excitable subjects.

4. Artistic Pursuits: The Way They See It– Since timing/location have kept J out of continuing art classes through the school year, we went ahead with a put together art curriculum. He loves art and craves to do it and learn more about it, and I just knew I wouldn’t be able to pull enough off of Pinterest quick enough to sustain him! G will likely be doing this with him, although not to the same degree, I’m sure.

I also have the book What Your Kindergartner Should Know to help me feel a little more secure in our choice to homeschool. J enjoys the readings, but it’s definitely a crutch for me! We also have the Pre-K BrainQuest workbook, and he gets Highlights High Five (thanks, MeMaw!) and Kiwi Crate monthly. He’ll be participating at Little Gym and Titmouse Club (a nature walk/craft at our local sanctuary) weekly.


G: Tot “School”

G is only 2, so he’ll be playing and doing whatever he pleases! I may do a little bit of Letter of the Week with him since he’s interested in letters and so that he feels like he’s doing something while J is, since his main goal in life is to be J’s mirror. He’ll also be attending Little Gym and Titmouse Club.


First day of “school” is September 8th, and we’re all looking forward to it!