Anniversary x 6!

This past weekend was Jony and I’s 6th Anniversary. My parents offered to watch both boys while we went on a weekend away, so we took them up on it! We hadn’t had a weekend (or even just one night) just the two of us since before G was born, so it was time. It ended up being a lot of driving, but it was so nice to just be the two of us and do things on our own schedule. We got a good deal on Groupon for a hotel near downtown Dallas and just took it easy the entire weekend. We had nice meals just chatting and only worrying about our own food, had a leisurely visit to the Perot museum and even got to meet up with an old college friend for a long brunch and going to the 6th Floor Museum (about the assassination of JFK).

Our favorite part, though? Sleeping. Not worrying about bedtimes, nap times or if someone was going to be tired when they shouldn’t be or awake when we didn’t want them to be was so freeing. We slept in both days, and it was amazing. Worth all of the hours in the car!

After two days, we were ready to be back with our babies again. I wasn’t necessarily pumped to deal with bedtime again, but I’ll deal with that so I can spend time with my boys. Even thought having a nice anniversary trip is fun, nothing is better about a weekend away than having your kids run up to you when you get back.



August 2, 2008


6 years later!






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