Yearly Goals

Since we have no testing or regulation in Texas, I figured it would be a good idea to set some homeschooling goals for each year to gauge our progress. After all, it was bashed into our head repeatedly in my secondary education training to assess before and after any/everything to ensure adequate learning! While I’m not going to be using an actual “assessments,” I know my children well enough to know where they’re at without them.


My Goals

  • PATIENCE! J, in particular, is a squirmy little thing and I need to remember that he’s still so little even if he’s capable of doing so much. This one carries over into parenting, and I imagine (hope) that it’s on every parent’s yearly goal list as something that they can improve upon.
  • Maintain organization and routine, yet remaining flexible. I’m not one who’s ever been good at sticking to a routine, but both boys very clearly thrive on it.
  • Stay in the present and not focus entirely on planning the future

Goals for J

  • learn to read at a basic level
  • read a clock/tell time
  • ride his bike without training wheels
  • write both uppercase and lowercase letters with ease, as well as numbers 0-9
  • continue to work on sharing (especially with G) and other similar virtues
  • tie his shoes on his own
  • regulate his impulses and activity level
  • to find new interests and passions and build upon current ones

Goals for G

  • recognize all the letters in the alphabet and numbers 0-9
  • work on small motor skills in preparation for writing
  • continue to increase vocabulary
  • find interests of his own apart from what J is interested in

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