First Day of Pre-K!

The original plan was not to start until September, but J was anxious and asking for it. So, we went for it! Might as well set tradition for starting “formally” on the first day of public school. We took the obligatory first day pictures, but that’s about where the similarities to our public school friends ends. Daddy went and got doughnuts and koloches for breakfast, and then we went off the Houston Museum of Natural Science! It’s never overly crowded there, but it was much less so than during the summer. We were a few days too early for the SHARKS! exhibit (another reason to go back!), but the boys love that place. We even got a little chemistry show, and J was thrilled to be asked to help with an experiment.

firstday firstday2

After nap, we did tackle his first day of school work. He did great with Lesson 1 of All About Reading, and we knocked the entire lesson out! He was beaming as he put that first start on his Blast Off to Reading! countdown. He also did a few Brain Quest workbook sheets, and we did some reading (currently: The Children’s Book of Virtues and Johnny Appleseed: The Story of a Legend). It was quick, but effective.

setup firstdaycollage

It completely threw off all my planning that I did to start three weeks early, but I survived my own first lesson at embracing the flexibility that homeschooling offers! We’re a week in now, and things are going really great!



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