All About Reading: Prep

Since we’ll be using AAR for the next few years, I knew I wanted to make sure that the letter/word cards would last. On their own, they’re a thick paper and good quality, but I know how things look after my boys get to them! I figured it was also a perfect opportunity to really break in my new laminator. It ended up being a bigger job than I anticipated and took longer than I care to admit, but I’m happy with the end product and know that it was worth it. If nothing else, it built up quite a bit of anticipation for J as he saw me working on them!

I ended up fitting three along the bottom, but I was nervous with my laminating skills for a few sheets so I played it safe. The cards kept moving around a bit, so I used just a bit off of a glue stick to keep them in place. The heat made sure that the glue was completely clear after the sheet went through. That was all the fun part. Cutting it? Not so much.


However, now they’re all laminated and ready for use for this year and when G gets older.


We just completed Lesson 1 this week, and so far are really liking this choice of curriculum. J already knew the letters introduced, so it’s been just review. I’ll be interested in how it goes when we get to some tougher material, but I’m hoping that his confidence continues to build (as it did this week since he’s reading the first three word cards easily!) as I’m positive that’s the only thing holding him back from really starting to read. Lesson 2 starts today!


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