Our Weekly Schedule

Now that we’ve been going for about two weeks, I believe we’ve found a groove that’s working for us. I’ve updated and changed some things around from my initial planning, and I’m feeling good about our plan for the year! J has been really flourishing at home and loves telling everybody he’s homeschooled. I’m very confident that we made the right decision!


Our schedule is loosely based on a four day week- Monday through Thursday, with Friday being art day (which he loves!). During each week, we’re going through one lesson in All About Reading (AAR), Math-U-See (MUS) and Artistic Pursuits and two science lessons (Nancy Larson). Every day, I beging with a short reading from What Your Kindergartner Needs to Know, he works on some BrainQuest pages while I read, and we read a short story together.

Here’s a general approximation of what our lessons look like during the week (changes a bit based on what the week’s lessons call for, especially in AAR):

Monday: review previous AAR lesson, watch video and learn material for next MUS lesson
Tuesday: new teaching for AAR, practice sheets for MUS, and a science lesson
Wednesday: worksheet for AAR and practice sheets for MUS
Thursday: worksheet for AAR and/or fluency page, final sheet for MUS, and a science lesson
Friday: Artistic Pursuits and a craft, usually from Kiwi Crate

It’s been taking between 20-45 minutes each day, depending on the day. Usually, we tackle school after his nap/rest time (when he starts begging for it!), although it’s moved around a bit based on our schedule. Even on the longer days, it hasn’t been much of an issue to keep J engaged. He even calls them his reading and math games, so I guess we’ve been doing something right even if it was just choosing the right curriculums!


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