“DIY” World/US Map

In terms of the DIY projects that have happened at our house, this was a very, very easy one. In total, it took Jony less than an hour, and now we have a large US and World map on our wall in the green room (our home school room) that doesn’t take up the entirety of our wall space, which is minimal. I wanted easy access to the maps and longevity for their use, and this is the perfect answer for us. We got laminated maps from Costco, attached one to each side of a piece of wood using spray adhesive and paint rollers and attached it to the wall using command hooks. Simple! The boys, especially J, are loving the easy access to both maps on their eye level, and I’m loving the sturdiness and ease in switching between the two (although, admittedly, it’s a bit awkward to flip it around!).



With our maps up and ready for learning, I’m ready to start figuring out how to tackle our United States study that J has requested. We made a request from all fifty states for travel/visitor information, but I’m still torn on what I want to do alongside that information. We’re still waiting on about ten states, so our days of fun mail will be coming to an end shortly. We talk a little about each state as we receive them, but I know J is going to push for more once all states are accounted for so I need to get on that! That boy can already tell me where each state is on the map, but he won’t be satisfied until he’s an expert on every state. I certainly don’t want to stand in his way!

us world


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