It’s October!


If I thought September was crazy, October is going to the next level! We love October in this house, though, and it’ll probably fly by just as quickly as the summer did! We’re looking forward to lots of outdoor time, festivals, farms of all variety, pumpkins, Zoo Boo, and all things Halloween. There should be plenty to keep me and the boys entertained as daddy heads off to Florida each week.


Along with some fun fall/Halloween crafts, we’re adding in our study on the US States! We’ve decided to go in statehood order, so Delaware is up first. I found a great list of books for each state, along with using some of the printables from Enchanted Homeschooling Mom. J will test his art skills in an attempt to recreate the state flag, and we’ll read about each state in a neat little book we got from my parents.


October also brings around our first “off” week, in which J will be heading up to East Texas to spend the week at my parents’ farm. He’s been looking forward to it for months, but I admit I’m nervous about being all alone with G the entire week! I’m afraid he’ll spend the entire time asking for his brother, but we’ll enjoy some fun activities that he wouldn’t be able to do with him there (like the Tot Spot at the Children’s Museum!).


We’ve spent the weekend prepping for the month with all the activities and travelling, decorated the house, and even hit up the pumpkin patch. We’re ready for October!   sillyboys


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