Zoo BOO!


We love Fall in this house! It keeps us pretty busy, but it’s full of fun activities! One of our favorites each year is Zoo Boo at the Houston Zoo. This year was no exception! It sprinkled on us a little bit towards the end of our trip, but I think the ominous weather kept a bulk of the crowd from coming so it was perfect! The boys were able to wear their costumes for the first time together, pick and decorate a little pumpkin and do their first trick-or-treating of the year! The costumes didn’t stay on long since it was pretty warm (until it started raining, of course), but they were still able to enjoy the fun there without them. They always have a great area to talk about conservation, and J really got into it this year and was able to participate. Both boys loved the mystery boxes, as well, even if there was a little apprehension at first. Of course, we also saw a few animals and visited the new Bug House again. It was a great event to kick off our Fall festivities! I’m so glad we were able to attend since we’ll be missing some of our normal ones (but adding some new fun experiences!). The boys would definitely have missed the fun at Zoo Boo! J is already asking when they get to go again next year!

zooboo zooboo2


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