7 Acre Wood


We always try to make it out to a local farm during the fall, so we jumped on the opportunity to try out a new place this year with a new home school association that we joined. It was a bit smaller than previous ones we’ve gone to, but it was perfect sized for my boys to just run around and have fun. They had games set up all over it, such as mini golf and a giant chess board, but we skipped over all of that since they’re both a little young for those still. The biggest hit was the playground and two boats they had to play on. Not exactly “farm,” but they had fun playing with the other kids.


We did get to go on a hay ride, which had a little spooky village set up to drive by, including a giant spider and some ghosts that we drove through. There was also a great assortment of animals, and we got quite a bit of information about them all from the “farmer.” Gavin touched a turtle on his head and sufficiently scared himself when the turtle reacted, and both boys got to hug a bull named Olaf. It’s size and distance from our house makes it a location that we probably won’t venture to again, but it was a great location for a group of kids to just be able to run around (not to mention it was a beautiful day!) and everyone had a good time.



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