Harvest Festival


A benefit to having my parents move away is introducing us to new activities in their neck of the woods. My dad has recently gotten involved in volunteering at the Heritage Village in Woodville, TX. So, we all packed up and headed to their farm for the weekend and visit the Heritage Festival! They were excited almost immediately when they saw they could ride the shuttle to the front of the festival- a school bus!


Since it’s a living history museum, there was the old town set-up that the boys loved exploring. The jail was a particular favorite, as was the little red school house. G was extremely fascinated by the model rail road set-up, which happened to be where my dad was volunteering.


They had weaving demonstrations, people carving sculptures out of wood, bee-keepers and lots of other little shops and set-ups. There was live entertainment, which was mainly background music as the boys ran around and explored. They even got to decorate their own pumpkin, which they always love doing.


There was so much to see and do that I’m sure we missed a fair amount of it. We did leave and miss the war re-enactment by choice, though. Too loud for poor little G! I’m glad we were able to go, and I’m sure we’ll at least be returning to take the boys to see it as it is during the year if not for the Harvest Festival again next year.



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