Under Construction: Master Bedroom Update


A fair amount has gone on in our bedroom, but there’s still a long way to go! We cleared everything out, out of necessity, so our living room is in major chaos. Our bed is underneath our TV, our dresser is in the hallway, and all of our stuff is piled up in a corner next to our piano. Adding all of that to our current two couches, ottoman, dining room table and all the kids’ stuff? It’s a little cramped. Now that Jony is back to travelling, the work has slowed down substantially. I’m looking forward to a sense of normalcy again, but I know it will be worth it.

There ended up being a fair amount of damage that needed to be repaired from our termite infestation a few years ago, so it was a good thing we went ahead with this project. Most of the support beams surrounding the window had to be replaced, and I’m glad that it was able to be accomplished without the window falling out! Jony’s dad was able to come and help out with the electrical work, but Jony still had to spend a considerable amount of time hanging out in our attic. Luckily, it’s only March! Finally, all the new insulation has been installed. You can already tell how much better insulated it is, so maybe I won’t be complaining all this next winter about being cold in our room?

The boys haven’t been able to involved in a fair amount of the work due to insulation dust and such, but they’ve highly enjoyed the few moments they have been able to participate! A few more years, and we’ll have a fine set of full helpers on our hands.



Current Progress:

  • tearing down current drywall/ removing current trim
  • removing all the old, insufficient insulation
  • replacing insulation
  • repairing termite damage
  • electrical overhaul, including finally putting in a lightswitch!
  • replace drywall (we’re hiring out the taping and floating)
  • remove popcorn ceiling and re-texture
  • paint
  • put trim/doors back up
  • total hallway closet overhaul- new shelves, mainly
  • decorate!

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