Under Construction: Ready to Paint!

pre-paintingWe are officially to the “finishing” part of our bedroom. Jony actually installed the drywall, but we hired a crew to come and do all the taping/floating. With Jony working out of town, it was so nice to see the work getting done while he was gone! No question they were able to do it better and faster than he would of, as well (don’t worry, he’d say the same thing!). When he returned, Jony was able to finish removing the popcorn ceiling, sand it and re-texture it. It was an exciting day when the light fixture went back up for the final time! He was also able to texture the walls. I was skeptical, but he ended up doing a really amazing job with it. When that was finished, the annoying plastic doors that we’d been using to keep all the mess in the bedroom were able to come down! With all of the major stuff checked off the list, it’s time to put the room back in working order. We’ve chosen a paint color (and you’re getting a tiny sneak peek), so now things get fun!


Current Progress:

  • tearing down current drywall/ removing current trim
  • removing all the old, insufficient insulation
  • replacing insulation
  • repairing termite damage
  • electrical overhaul, including finally putting in a lightswitch!
  • replace drywall 
  • remove popcorn ceiling and re-texture
  • paint
  • put trim/doors back up
  • total hallway closet overhaul- new shelves, mainly
  • decorate!

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