Under Construction: Paint!



Our bedroom now looks more like a bedroom than a construction zone. We went with Behr Relaxed Blue for our paint color, and I’m in love with it. It’s just the right mixture of light/dark, and it works so well with the lighting we have in the room. Trim took awhile to get back up, and you can see that we haven’t gotten the crown moulding finished up just yet. When that is complete, they’re will be no more big construction projects in the actual room! We’ll move on to decorating and the closet. The fan is fully installed again, outlets are all finished up and we got our new blinds put in. Those things really brought on a finished look, and it’s so exciting to look in there and imagine how far we’ve come!

Jony has started another few weeks of heavy travel, so it’ll be sad to see the progress slow down so significantly. We’re starting to feel a bit of crunch time stress with the due date quickly sneaking up on us, since we have a few other projects we want done before she arrives. Luckily, we’re getting closer to the stage where I take on most of the heavy lifting, so to speak. I’m all over Pinterest and Etsy looking for ideas on how to spruce our space up! We’ve compiled our IKEA shopping list, so things should move along quite nicely over the next few weeks. The next step is moving the bed back in!

Current Progress:

  • tearing down current drywall/ removing current trim
  • removing all the old, insufficient insulation
  • replacing insulation
  • repairing termite damage
  • electrical overhaul, including finally putting in a lightswitch!
  • replace drywall 
  • remove popcorn ceiling and re-texture
  • paint
  • put trim/doors back up  (note: crown moulding NOT complete)
  • total hallway closet overhaul- new shelves, mainly
  • decorate!

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