Under Construction: Master Bedroom

We’re currently living in the chaos that is unavoidable when doing a major remodel. Since baby girl isn’t getting her own nursery for us (me) to decorate since she’ll be staying with us for a good portion of the beginnings of her life, we figured we’d take the opportunity to actually put some effort into OUR bedroom. After the initial painting when we first moved in, we’d done nothing in there in over six years. It was pretty needed, and the idea of that being captured in our newborn photos was embarrassing to me. So, here we are!

About three years ago before G was born, we had a run in with some termites. We got the house treated and all has been quiet on that front since then; however, we never actually checked to see if we needed to make any repairs in the wood around our outside window. We figured that this would be a perfect time to do that since we were going to be re-painting the drywall, anyways. Once we got that set in our head, we decided to just take ALL the drywall down since the previous owners had done some terrible patchwork all around the room. This decision turned our remodel into a major overhaul of our bedroom!

Here’s the break-down of what’s going on:

  • tearing down current drywall/ removing current trim
  • removing all the old, insufficient insulation
  • replacing insulation
  • repairing termite damage
  • electrical overhaul, including finally putting in a lightswitch!
  • replace drywall (we’re hiring out the taping and floating)
  • remove popcorn ceiling and re-texture
  • paint
  • put trim/doors back up
  • total hallway closet overhaul- new shelves, mainly
  • decorate!

And now, the before photos. I even included the terrible mess it was in, proving in photographic form that we need an overhaul of organization in there.

bedroombefore closetbefore